Getting into “High” school!

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My high-school days were pretty fun and awesome when I started. The idea of making new friends and belonging to the cool culture interested me. I scored pretty well in my O’levels – in fact, I got straight A’s. I already had a bunch of cool buddies I hangout with. School started and made a lot of friends, got involved with chicks. It was awesome!

I was always an avid thinker, some of my mates even used to call me a philosopher. Had one special friend Liam, who used to hang out with me a lot, we would ponder over all kind of stuff, specially scientific and philosophical rhetoric. One day we were talking and he was like, his friend has arrived from Malaysia and I should go meet him. He told me they had gotten high the other night and it was an awesome experience and made him think about philosophical stuff more easily and opened his eyes to a different world. At this point, I never had a bit of clue what getting high really was – the idea of getting high in my mind was you can’t even walk or talk properly afterwards and it was a dangerous thing; typical, no frikking-idea-about-drugs thinking!

This got me thinking real hard and made me super-curious, being the guy I was. So, the next day without an inkling of what was to follow I went with Liam to meet with this particular friend of his. No doubt the guy was interesting, very much like me, totally into scientific and philosophical thinking, or so I thought! They were getting ready to do something, getting in a circle and in a kind of a ritual, trying to smoke something. There were three guys, I got really curious.

Jumped in, asked them what it was, and was like I’m gonna give it a try too! They offered me happily, but they said hash oil would be better for me, and they don’t have that then, they were doing heroin. Well, I asked all kind of stupid questions like what was gonna happen to me if i smoke it and all shit which I don’t remember now. Finally, they agreed to offer me one shot, and I smoked it hesitantly over a foil. A new experience for me altogether! Nothing much really happened to me, except when I smoked a cigarette I felt different; because it was just a drag, a small minute shot, i din’t feel any kicks.

So, I told Liam’s friend about me not feeling it, and they told me to come tomorrow with a hundred bucks and should try hash oil – heroin is not good they said, or something like that. I could not wait for the next day. Managed to get a hundred bucks and called up Liam, went to his friend, Lan’s house. Lan got the stuff, we smoked the hash oil over foil.

What a feeling i had. It opened my eyes to a different world. Things I took for granted felt different. The music we were listening to I could hear all the beats separately. I could not stop giggling and laughing. It was awesome! I felt paranoid, funny, joyful, on heaven all at the same time. I was asking myself why had I not tried this magic earlier. It was not at all like they proclaimed. They lied! I could walk properly, man even I could think properly..This was pure heaven and they lied about it through anti-drug campaigns! I was loving it!


11 thoughts on “Getting into “High” school!

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  2. thanks again for liking my posts; as you can probably tell, I am still organising the Jane Mauret site which will be essays on my previous life whilst the Maldives story will continue on Keep Me By the Wavey, Green Colour Water. Bye for now. Jane M.

  3. Thanks for posting, like others I too am interested to read more. Hope you are clean now btw. Be well and thanks for following my blog too.
    P.S I think oil is a class A in the U.K because it’s THC count is super high.

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