The Tsunami of life

The 2004 Tsunami, Courtesy:

The 2004 Tsunami,

It was the happier days. The early days when you just found out what drugs were – not that you never heard of it, but never really experienced it! It was the time of my life. I was young, ambitious, full of energy, thought I could conquer the world. Dreaming about my future and planning ahead with great plans was the thing those days.

Just a couple of weeks (or months, I am not really sure) before the Tsunami that hit the Maldives back in 2004, the tsunami of the high life has already hit me – back then I did not realize it was to be the biggest tsunami I had to face throughout my life. As I narrated in my earlier post, I was already introduced to the two major drugs that were widely available in Male’ (the capital of Maldives) by this time; I did not realize I was hooked on from the start. Yeah sure, I was hooked on because it was already becoming a part of my lifestyle, but I cared less. I was in it to explore and quench my thirst for curiosity. It was adventurous, I was making new friends (in hindsight, I was moving away from my real friends), and I was having a blast.

So, with the Tsunami that took the lives of several Maldivians, my life hanged on a balance too. More like a ticking bomb – it could explode at any moment. With the new found love of hash oil (a derivative of cannabis), I was enjoying the coffee places near Male’ waterfront with a purpose. I found new meaning to the word chilling. My friends and I would frequent these small cafe’s quite often. Though being an outwardly conservative society,  smoking up in these coffee shops was an open secret those days. Almost everyone knew about it, but we played along being a bit careful and secretive – there was always the fear of cops busting you red-handed.

Time passed on. I got introduced to new people and before I knew it, most probably in the haze of pot high, I experimented with heroin again…


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