A glimpse of the road to recovery

The bridge to paradise

The bridge to paradise

I was ushered into the world of recovery by fellow addicts – literally dragged into the other side of addiction. I didn’t have any choice in the matter. It was not the lowest point in my life; in fact, I was totally convinced I could do drugs responsibly. The concept of powerlessness and surrender were totally foreign to me; contextually I had no inkling what they meant either.

To paint you a picture of how highly I held myself, I had just turned 20 and I was managing a small business, I had a full-time job as a draftsman and on the side, I was freelancing small drafting and quantity-based gigs; on top of it, I was attending a night college to do a management degree; and, for the cherry on top, I was doing heroin daily.

This was my awaited rising I thought. After an unsuccessful run at College abroad and dropping out after a couple of semesters, I had to get back home. Toward the end of my fateful stay there I had felt so bored and empty; mostly due to extreme partying, smoking pot, sniffing speed, popping up ecstasy, which all ultimately lead to falling back to heroin abroad. Now, that’s what heroin does for the best of us. After a while the real partying stops and you fall back into the gruesome world of heroin addiction.

After coming back home, I struggled through on and off heroin for more than a year. I even did quit for a year or so. This was before I heard of the word recovery. Slowly, I got into the passionate mode of achieving the all-planned goals. I landed in a job, and before I knew it, with all the proper contacts I had, mostly family oriented luck I started my own small company and the free-lancing I mentioned earlier (enough with the bragging).

This was the time I was earning quite a lot; till now I have never been able to earn that much. The high disposable income I had, guaranteed only one thing – a continuous supply of heroin. I never felt withdrawals those days. There was always stuff. I thought this could last forever. With all the money I was making, I was living a poor life. At the end of the day, my folks were fulfilling my basic needs; I just spent most of it on drugs.

As they say, with drugs it’s always a downward plunge. It all came crashing down on me. I was on my knees sooner than I anticipated. I lost track of the business, I was fired from my job and I was a total wreck. All my relationships were at an all-time low. Most of my friends were far-faraway.

Just a couple of months before the plunge, I met a couple of guys, who opened a new world of possibilities for me – the façade of ultimate resurrection from heroin. Now famous as the ‘Journey’ in Male’ these guys were the founding fathers. Back then, it was just a run-down building with no proper facilities. These guys literally talked me into going there with them. I still remember the exact words they told me: They have stumbled upon a formula to get out of drugs – To live clean and sober. It was called narcotics anonymous they said: A fellowship of addicts who are in a recovery journey. They said it was a simple program and we have to follow it one day at a time and it has worked wonders for millions of people. Without any dillydally, they just told me on my face I had no other choice but to adopt the program; otherwise, there was no hope for addicts like us.

Did I really listen? It didn’t make any sense to me back then. The more I went to those meetings, the more I was using; ironically, my usage sky-rocketed after I started attending those rooms. I had to stop both: going to “journey” and doing drugs.


13 thoughts on “A glimpse of the road to recovery

  1. So, your just gonna keep me hangin?! LOL. You have my attention. I dig writing but, shamefully I say, I’m not a big reader – short attention span I suppose! I need snippets -well written and entertaining are bonuses!! You write well and are entertaining. This is a long winded compliment- In addition to writing- I also like to talk!!! Ok, I’m done I think. Thanks for sharing your story and best wishes on your blog!

    • Thank you so much for the compliments; I’m deeply flattered. I’m quite the opposite, I read avidly and I write less; in fact, I just started writing. I believe your writing is more pro and more substantial. I’m still rambling, I guess. Would love to hear more of your story 🙂

      • My story is as entertaining, tragic, inspirational, empowering, depressing… Perhaps I’ll stop there- as anyone else’s. I have a pulse still, after 21 years in active addiction-which says A LOT! Some of my old poems under “addiction” are somewhat telling. Lol, I write the way I like to read… Snippets… Okay, that’s starting to just sound redundant and sad! Guess pieces will be revealed here and there in our blog following experiences. Not sure your reply was a full-on solicitation of my story- but you can always email me if ya want.

      • Hehe, full solicitation, ey? More will be revealed, I like that. I was thinking the whole week what to write, and I dunno, just wrote this piece with one go, no edits it’s just the raw draft itself. I hope my writing gets better on the way, since my mother tongue ain’t English either.

      • You say ain’t… You’re right in my book! Pretty darn good grasp of a second language! You write well, probably due to the raw honesty vibe I’m getting from you. Genuine writing either always comes out better or is perceived more favorably by the reader- who can relate????? Who knows. Rough draft it all you want, I say, it’s your “art” your voice. People who need to hear it will gravitate you way. Just keep it real….. Or don’t- it’s your blog, and really… Who am I?! LOL.

      • lol. you exist, therefore you are. Who am I anyways rite? hehe..Let’s see where my writing takes me, m tryina get it published somewhere online besides the blog. would love to know more about you, perhaps on another platform 🙂

      • I find that whenever it ask “who am I”, I often pause and slow the question down… “No, reaaally, who AM I”… Oh to live in my head! I really should have visitors there sign waivers! What other platform yo?

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