Who am I?

I’m from the beautiful Maldive islands. This blog is mainly a chronicle of events with a bit of truth in it and obviously due to the nature of the content, I intend to stick to anonymity.

I wish to use this blog not to promote drugs or drug-related insane behaviors; but to inform the consequences of getting into it and the hard battle we have to fight continuously to get out of it! May all the people who are suffering from all kinds of addiction find recovery.

If you have any queries or simply wanna know more about me drop me a mail: recoverymaldives@gmail.com


99 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. You have my full support and best wishes. May the recovery you are going through is at ease, and I commend your endeavour in helping others to get through theirs. It is a noble pursuit by one who comes from a beautiful place, a land where land and sea merge into becoming a heaven. Thus, it is great to make the acquaintance with you. I would like to thank you for following my blog. May the Saturday posts that I write in there be of any use to you. Blessings and love to you ♥

  2. Thank you very much for your likes and the follow. I look forward to exchanging ideas in order to continue helping those who are still sick and suffering.

    • Thank you, I hope you are doing good with your book sales 🙂 Would love to read it. Though at the moment I’m quite slow on posting new stuff, I do post at least once a week. Drop back in sometime and please leave a comment.

  3. Dear recoverymaldives I wish you the best of look in your quest for recovery. I have been sober for 56 months now. Please feel free to reach out to me if you need any help or support! I know how difficult the road towards recovery can be.

  4. Nice one brother.. personally as a Maldivian, you indeed got a good point.. and you have said it all.. ….. totally explains every single thing man.. if this blog is suppose to give a glimpse of hope to someone else.. #confirmed .. indeed helpful !! road to recovery sounds real good.. as u have mentioned bout helping people .. i gotta say… I think i need help :l

    • I’ll try my best to help you in anyway possible; recovery is a tough journey and it takes a lot of patience. The pest part of writing is I’m helping myself through out the process too – learning more about my ways of thinking, etc. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

  5. Hi, thanks for reading my blog, doubt I would have found your blog without your vote on mine because i wasn’t look for posts about drug addiction but am really glad I got the chance to read your posts and look forward to more.

  6. I know exactly where you are coming from. Been clean now since 2004, but prior to that I was in a 36 year nightmare with heroin. Started in 1969. Before that it was weed, speed, hash, and a lot of acid, and into the scene with all the rock bands back then at the Eastown Theater, Grande Ballroom, Olympia, The Hideout, etc. Bob Seger played at our high school, and T-Rex at our prom. I met Alice Cooper in a Detroit basement. I was searching for my drug of choice but didn’t know it then. When heroin came along, it was a wrap. It also cost me 21 years of my life in prison via the revolving door syndrome. In and out, in and out, in and out. Sheer madness. But it’s over now and on June 22nd of this year will be my 10 year anniversary of being clean and turning my life around. I wrote a book about some of my experiences, but have not published it yet. I write about substance abuse on Examiner.com as you probably know, and I got into photography. Love it. Stay strong, and keep writing.

    In the struggle…Peace…

    • Thank you so much for sharing; it means a lot to me. Without you I’ll be left alone uninspired; people like you I’m totally indebted who have selflessly supported and given strength, courage and hope throughout my journey. I wish you well, would love to read your book. Looking forward for the blogging journey 🙂

  7. Love your purpose! I’ve been clean and sober for 30 years. God is good. 🙂 May you be blessed with an abundant harvest for your willingness to wade into others’ messes and give a hand out. May that hand ever be strong in the power of Jesus, like Peter at the Gate Beautiful in Acts 3.

    Thanks for following Lessons by Heart!

    Praising Jesus, my Healer, Redeemer and Friend!

  8. Thank you for following my adventure. I admire your journey and your want to assist others going through a similar journey. Definitely count on my positive energy for your wellness.

    • You’re welcome. I found your blog quite interesting and I hope it gives a boost in my recovery. At your age, to get into recovery must be a tough choice you had to make; but then, as they, it’s never too late. May you find your journey filled with serenity, happiness and blessings. 🙂

  9. Lucky you from Maldive islands… I wanted to thank you for the follow! Please be aware that my blog is a bilingual one. So you may get links to some poems in English as well as to some in Italian… Pictures, on the other hand, have no language barriers 😉
    Keep up the good work, congrats on your goals.

  10. Thank you recoverymaldives for the follow. Addiction is deadly. It great to meet a few who are winning, one day a time. Keep striving and God Bless


  11. Hi – Recovery in the Maldives,
    Thanks for following my blog. Mine is still new. I notice that you have a nice following of people. I have to ask, aren’t the Maldives in the Indian Ocean? Is heroin available there?
    I am in Massachusetts, USA, and every drug imaginable is available here.
    I have not maintained complete abstinence from drugs for more than a year. Right now I am doing the Suboxone trip and going back to college at age 61. It’s a blast and I love it that I am now getting the education I only dreamed of before.
    Let me know a few more particulars about you. You can answer on my site or by email.
    Blessings to you, too!
    Michael J. Gayda

    • Hello there!

      Yeah, Maldives is in the Indian ocean, though it’s an independent sovereign country and is not related to India at all.

      See, I have never heard of a place — except, very few — where you cannot score. The answer is simple; since I don’t promote any drugs or any of those things I must ask you, will I be writing about recovery if it’s nonexistent here? It is flooded with it, and there is a huge national crisis of addiction and other related issues that come with the territory.

      Subox, that’s one legal stuff if you know what I mean and good luck with coming off it!

      I’m so happy to hear you are getting back to studies.

      Thank you so much for dropping by and even I’m quite new here in the blogsphere, just a month old.

      Blessings and well wishes to you!

      P.S. Maldives is also a natural paradise with white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters.

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  13. Thank you so much for the ‘likes’ on my posts. I’ve been reading your page and your journey is a very interesting one. I really wish you well with your journey and recovery, and here is a quote that I’ve always found helpful when dealing with certain life events:

    ‘Always turn and face towards the light, because when you do you will find others standing there beside you’.

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  15. Bett late than never… Thanks for following my blog and all the likes… And don’t read anything into my not following yours… I still use the RSS feeds and Firefox live bookmarks for reading all blogs, so technically I don’t follow anybody’s blog… But I am paying ettention.

  16. Hello and thank you for following my blog. I’ve reciprocated and look forward to reading about how you stay sober one day at a time. I’m so happy and excited you have sobered up. The best decision you will make all day is not to drink or use! In doing so you are making an amazing difference in this world. The world truly is a better place for your sobriety. Thank you from all of us!

    • You’re welcome!
      I’m working on new posts, so definitely I’ll try to write more on that aspect of my recovery.
      Thank you so much for your kindness and taking the time to drop by. Blessings to you. 🙂

  17. Very nice to E-meet you and I look forward to reading about your journey. I’ve done a great deal of research into Recovery Based Practice as it applies to Mental Health as well as Addiction. This is due to my husband who works in the field and is doing his Masters – since he works full time and the work load for a Masters can be quite large I act as his Research Assistant to cut down the time for him. I’ll be interested in reading your perspective as the main focus of the research has been directed to mental health and only linked to addiction. Be E-seeing you.

    • That’s so lovely of you to assist your husband. I’d be honored to contribute for the thesis. I hope you find my blog helpful or if you need any assistance or anything please feel free to leave a line.

      Thanks a lot for dropping by and I look forward to the blogging journey. 🙂

  18. Keep up the good work of not veering from your path of recovery! May strength and peace be yours throughout this journey. Thank you for following my blog.

  19. Hi, i hope you find the experience of writing a helpful one as you recover. Sending you best positive thoughts! Thanks for following. 🙂

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